How I Brunched In LA Under An Hour On A Sunday

Happy New Year everyone! I can already tell this year is going to be a busy and successful year. I got a taste of my share after hosting one of my best friends over the weekend. We only had 50 minutes to brunch and here’s how we managed to do so at a new restaurant on La Brea and Melrose called Fratelli Cafe.

It was the final countdown and we only had 49 minutes to get back to our cars before they’d be locked away in a parking lot. If you’ve never experienced LA parking, its something you don’t want to mess around with and if you have you already know the pressure was on. We quickly hauled our behinds and a stroller to Fratelli Cafe.  Even with a baby, a chip malfunction on my credit card, and my usual indecisiveness on what to eat, we ordered and got our food under 22 minutes.

The number one key factor in us being in a rush was our ability to pay before we ate! The restaurant had no idea we were in a hurry but ironically gave us quick, efficient service. It’s not every day that a restaurant and its servers know what to do at the right time.  The cashier made our transaction very memorable. He was a witty, hipster who was close to guessing where I’m from. He also remembered my best friend’s baby’s name. He not only was able to relate to me when I had my chip malfunction with my card, but he also was able to relate with my best friend’s baby. It was so cute!

So let’s talk about my indecisiveness! I glanced at the menu, realizing that there was so much to choose from. They offered a lot of fresh, amazing food selections. My eyes gazed over to the benedicts section and I salivated at the thought of me enjoying the Smokey Ben Benedict, but guess what, they ran out of hollandaise sauce! Ugh, now what to order? A bit disappointed, I opted for The Jacksons. The omelet filled with chicken breast, avocado, spinach, tomatoes and Monterey jack cheese wasn’t half bad. I had never had an omelet with chicken breast and would have preferred if it had been served shredded rather than in chunks. The star of the show was the special we ordered, which was a french toast croissant topped with fresh strawberries and berries. My friend had the veggie burger which she devoured.

It is possible to receive fast service in a fast city with good service to complement it. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here, specifically for the service. I enjoyed how vibrant the people who work there were and they would be the reason why I would come back for another brunch experience. I definitely will come back before 3 pm to order the Benedict. I’d have to order the orange juice again, which was the best pulpy perfection I’ve ever tasted. I’ll be back for more!

Where do you all like to brunch and eat breakfast? Share with me below! Stay tuned for more trendy experiences coming your way!

*side note: I should have ordered The Chiquito

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