I Scream For Ice Cream: Attending Museum of Ice Cream In Los Angeles

I love ice cream, it’s one of my favorite snacks to indulge in. I can always count on ice cream to keep me happy, so when I found out there was a museum dedicated to the sweet treat, I had to attend. Photos of sprinkles and pink caught my eye as I scrolled on Instagram one day, wondering where all this excitement had taken place. I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on all the greatness that existed within the photos, so I had to see what the hype was about.

The Museum of Ice Cream is popular, colorful and sugary. The tickets were very difficult to come by. The moment they went on sale they instantly sold out within an hour. I was really excited that I made the final cut when it came to receiving tickets for the pop-up museum, which will only be in Los Angeles until December. I purchased my $29 ticket, that would take me on an experience I will never forget.

I had no idea what I would be walking into, but I sure was in for a treat. The employees of MOIC, aka the Pink Army, who are all given ice cream nicknames, had let us know that every room would offer us free sweet treats. Hearing that was just enough for me, but walking into the first installation was very thrilling. Toppings such as bananas, sprinkles, chocolate and gummy bears were all featured in separate rooms as forms of art. Throughout my experience, at MOIC I was able to touch, smell and taste.

I loved how there was a room specifically starring ice cream. It was apparent that the Hollywood star of the day was ice cream. There were stars on the ground which featured celebrity’s ice cream nicknames such as Scoop Dogg and Usher Raymint. One of the Pink Army employees offered us a free tasting of their in-house Birthday Cake ice cream, which was sponsored by LA vendor Afters Ice Cream. Honestly, this ice cream was probably the most creamiest and flavorful softness I had ever tasted. The room was filled with pink palm trees and ice cream was definitely the star of the show. I can’t forget that ice cream also needs some bananas.

The banana room reminded me of a playground. When I walked into the room, the yellow and pink swings caught my eye as well as the pink and yellow bananas which hung from the ceiling. If that wasn’t enough, the pink shiny walls had bananas on them that smelt just like bananas. I was astonished and continued to be once we entered the mint room.

Cindy Shortcake greeted us with mint mochi ice cream and a wonderful smile. I had never tried mint mochi ice cream, but wow it was amazing! The ice cream inside of the mochi was so soft and it had just the right amount of mint and chocolate. The mint room also featured mint plants that were planted in chocolate soil which smelt just like chocolate. Along with the excitement and festivities taking place, Ms. Shortcake also revealed some interesting facts. I learned that when mint plants eat chocolate they turn into mint chocolate.

The party continued in the gummy bear room which featured strobe lights and disco lights, with 80’s music blasting throughout the speakers. In order to receive free gummy bears, each guest had to bust out in a dance move. Dancing was definitely worth the freshness of the gummy bears. The party wouldn’t be a true celebration without the popular sprinkle pool pit.

I for some reason thought the sprinkles were real when I saw them on Instagram, but they, in fact, are made out of plastic. The sprinkles were specifically made for the museum and sat in a pool with a diving board and a pink heart innertube. What seemed like the most exciting part of the museum was the most stressful. The Pink Army timed all 10 or more of us who were in the pool at the same time. It was quite chaotic. Children were squirming everywhere, my friend and I barely had time to take a picture. I will admit I did enjoy myself thoroughly. For a short moment, I felt like a child being free in sprinkles sand. I would suggest that they possibly minimize the population of guests at a time in the sprinkle pool pit to 3-4 people, rather than having a bunch of people in at a time. It was a bit overwhelming.

Overall, I enjoyed the Museum of Ice Cream. I loved how energetic the employees were and how I was able to touch the furniture and take as many photos as I wanted. The employees didn’t bother me and they even offered to take photos of us. I appreciated how interactive the museum was, each room had a personality to it and was artistically displayed very well. I was also fascinated with the final room which had included an in-house ice cream waffle cone treat, which included a secret ingredient at the bottom of the ice cream. One of the Pink Army employees revealed to me that every two weeks they create unique ice cream flavors such as party rocks and it only takes them 30 minutes to churn it. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to enjoy a pop of a color and wants to be free to explore edible art with no limits. If you attended the Museum of Ice Cream, feel free to share your experience with me in the comments below.


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